Provider of CrossFit, Weightlifting, Yoga and Workout Clothing, Accessories and Gear

Imagine you are a warrior, standing on the field of battle. Your sword is broken, your shield is damaged beyond use and your armor torn from your body. Blood is streaming down your brow, mixing with the sweat and tears on your face. You turn, facing your opponent, you bounce; clawing with nail and bitting with teeth until you have given everything you can give.

Remind you of anything?




headwear, bags, etc.




grips, knee sleeves, etc


Oil and Creams


Mens and Womens; Barefoot, Circuit and Lifters

You spend all your time and energy, to tooth and nail, for your fitness goals.  You deserve the best for your body.  Tooth X Nail provides.


We are a local provider of quality products to enhance your workouts.  

We specialize in fulfilling the needs of athletes who practice in Crossfit, WeightLifting and Yoga.

You are becoming your best, now you can show your best.