TXN Customs

TXN Customs

Tooth and Nail proudly presents, TXN Customs, our custom design line for all our clothing and shirts.  

We haver in-house printing equipment to keep the process fast and cost efficient; see our cost structure here.

TXN Customs uses a new print technology called DTF (Direct to Film) where special inks are printed onto a unique transfer sheet.  Once the ink has printed, a powdered form of polyurathan is melted into the ink, making the design solid, strong and stretchy.  The entire design is then applied to the shirt with heat transfer, melting the polyurethane and inks deep into the fibers of the shirt.  

Any color, style or material can be used with this method, so basically the only limit is the Human Imagination.  We do not charge more for added colors.  1 design, 1 cost. 

We can work with your own creation in vector formate or if you have ideas but lack the tools, we can help you make your idea into a shirt. Local Sport Team shirts, event shirts, bachelor/bachelorette shirts, we can do it all.

We look forward to working with you, so shoot is an email, [email protected] to begin the process and we will get back to you quickly!