Bailey Sutherland

I began my fitness journey at the age of 15 when fitness became my saving grace. After battling an extreme eating disorder, my body was fragile and I was personally on a dangerous extreme of unhealthily habits and behaviors. Motivated by the support of an amazing family, specifically a talented older brother who lifting regularly and embodied strength and hard work. I changed my path of who I was for the greater good and quickly became absorbed into the lifestyle of health, nutrition and lifting and never looked back.


  • NPC Bodybuilding - Class Figure A Second Place


Maria Kreye


Kimberlea Stonewerth

I’ve been active for as long as I can remember. When I was little I tried all sorts of sports, but the one that stuck was gymnastics! In 5th grade I added volleyball to that list and played until partway through my junior year, when I decided I was having less fun playing volleyball and wanted to focus more on my final two seasons in gymnastics. I was a four year state competitor for gymnastics and three year competitor for pole vault. I was back to back state champ for vault in gymnastics and took second in state for pole vault my senior year. By the end of my senior year I had broken all the school records in gymnastics except bars, but including being part of the team score record! I also broke the pole vault record. However, my greatest accomplishment might have been not also fracturing my arm when I fully dislocated my elbow tripping over the hurdles my freshman year. 😂

When I graduated high school I planned on going to the University of Minnesota and competing on their track team. I walked on but didn’t make it past the 1st semester. I honestly hadn’t figured out how to 1: be an athlete while maintaining school as my first priority and 2: get out of my head so I could reach my athletic potential. So instead, I stayed sporadically active by doing gymnastics, yoga, and towards the end of my college years, lots of rock climbing. I fully planned on pushing my body to become a professional rock climber, but that dream lasted for like a second because I was introduced to CrossFit.

Somewhere in the first year and a half I switched gyms and tried out an Olympic lifting competition, it was fun, but I wasn’t sold. So I stuck with CrossFit for a while longer, but then got the bug to do another lifting comp. At the same event one year later, I did my second oly comp and qualified for AO finals—my first national event. Disappointed but drive, I competed again and qualified for Nationals, where I had a much better competition! In September I will be competing in my 6th oly meet (3rd for the Kingfield Classic) and will continue to train for my upcoming National events.

In between training sessions, I spend my extra time studying to become a Doctor of Chiropractic, hiking with my dog, and hanging out with my loved ones!



Vernon Neal

Athletics have always been my obsession in life. But it's not winning I become consumed with: it's understanding. Above all, I find breaking down a skill into its component parts to the point of tedious detail to be absolutely thrilling. Where others grow tired and give up, I dig in. I seek to understand the precise mechanisms that makes good athletes great, that turns skill into virtuosity. I rehearse endlessly. I practice ruthlessly. But mostly I study. That's why my greatest achievement as an athlete is not my athletic accomplishments, but my ability to teach others what I have learned as an athlete.

As the owner of Clandestine Strength & Conditioning, my obsession with athletics informs my programming and my coaching on a daily basis and vice versa. While competing in and later coaching Greco-Roman wrestling, I became obsessed with learning the way of the warrior, and I used this knowledge to my advantage when I discovered competitive CrossFit for myself in 2011. In turn, my athletic pursuits also influence my coaching. As a competitive CrossFit athlete, I must pay attention to the minute details and how my body responds to training and my environment. This has helped me teach others how to do the same. There is no silver bullet, but if there were, knowledge is the closest we have. It is free and requires no skill. The only requirement? It must be an obsession.


2014 Founded Clandestine Strength & Conditioning

2019 CrossFit Games Individual Qualifier

2019 CrossFit Games National Champion of Belize

2017 Minnesota Weightlifting Championships - Silver Medalist

2017 Minnesota Open - Gold Medalist

2017 American Open Qualifier


Adian Johnson

A little about me…I was born in Paraguay but I was adopted when I was almost 4. Some of my biggest accomplishments were learning how to read. I have dyslexia and I really struggled in middle school and high school. I didn’t get into fitness until after I graduated from high school. I was unhappy with how I was feeling and I decide to make the change and eat better and workout. Recently I decided to change my career and if it wasn’t for Life Time Academy I don’t think I could of made it this far. Now I am certified personal trainer for Life Time Athletic at Eden Prairie. My mission in life is to encourage anyone who is struggling that it isn’t just about looking good on the outside but feeling good mentally. Besides fitness some of my passions include skincare. Make-up can only do so much but if you aren’t taking care of your skin your not doing your body any good! ALWAYS REMEMBER TO MOISTURIZE!